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Our Story

The Blanc Canvas Studio studio opened in 2019, after a decade of global design & marketing experience working alongside some of the world’s most successful & prestigious brands. Blanc Canvas, the name arose from the word blank canvas where every new creation of ours makes a new stroke on the canvas and the possibilities are endless.

Led by the Founder and Lead Designer, Rabiya Jaffar, Blanc Canvas studio predominantly emphasizes on peculiar bustling of unique services like branding design, UI/UX design and digital marketing venture. Tailor-made to gauge a fit according to every imminent business owner’s need that reflects their powerful thoughts and prominent ideology through our design services. Our services are solely curated to provide significant ways to help, teach and serve you in the pursuit of creating your own brand and simultaneously creating a customary space to inspire, invoke and share innovative ideas to build an influential and powerful community together.

Meet the Designer

At the helm of Blanc Canvas is Rabiya Jaffar, a self-described minimalist designer, launched Blanc Canvas studio after over 8 years of global branding and design experience, working alongside some of the world’s most iconic brands in diverse industries. She was determined to create a brand that is not just about business but also emphasised in creating a customary space to inspire, invoke, and share innovative ideas to build an influential and powerful community together.

She is passionate about leading intuitive and impactful projects, digital products and services to successful completion. She has worked in diverse teams of designers, developers, business analysts and product marketing managers, to create user-centric designs. 

She possesses high proficiency and understanding of design principles and graphic and visual design elements. She has worked in different design fields such as visual design, graphic design, UX/UI Web, Illustration, branding, etc,. Her approach to design is rooted in conceptual thinking and visual styling. Her interests span from the tiniest of illustrations to the expanse of shared immersive experiences.

She is driven by the idea of being able to enhance and simplify people's lives and believe that technology has the power to build strong communities and create a more inclusive world. Her goal is to help people resonate with the digital space in a delightful way and also help professionals and businesses discover and define their identity through compelling design and innovative solutions. She believes the future belongs to those who build it. She loves working with people who have optimistic visions, big hearts, and humble states of mind.